Unión Salsera FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

1. Why Unión Salsera?

Because we are fed up with sauces full of ingredients, letters and numbers that we don't know. Because we like sauces. And ultimately, because we believe that things can be done differently. 

2. The sauces
What chillies are in the sauces?

We use chili and hot paprika at La Picona Picante and also Carolina Reaper at La Picona Infierno. 

What is the Scoville scale of these sauces? 

La Picona Tradicional: 80 SHU
La Picona Picante: 173 SHU
La Picona Infierno: 35200 SHU

Are they gluten free? 

Our sauces do not contain gluten but are not certified gluten-free.

Are they suitable for vegans? 

Yes, our sauces do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Does any of the sauces contain sugar? 

They have no sugar. We have decided to use organic agave, a healthy substitute for sugar, and just a tad.

Are they suitable for children?

Our La Picona Tradicional sauce is very lightly chopped, smoked and delicious and suitable for all audiences. La Picona Picante and Infierno are suitable for spicy-loving kids, who tolerate spicy sauces. Our sauces are perfectly suitable for children but it is always advisable to try moderate doses.

Do you use any artificial ingredient?

We cook our sauces with 100% natural ingredients, they do not contain artificial colors or preservatives. So when we say natural, it is that they are truly natural.

Do they contain trans fat? 

No, in no case.

What is the shelf life of the sauces? 

18 months from manufacture provided they are kept closed and in adequate conditions, safe from light and heat. All packages always indicate the expiration date.

Once opened, should I keep it in the fridge?

Yes, once you open the sauces, always keep them in the fridge. Refrigeration will maintain better product quality after opening.s

What is the shelf life in the fridge once opened?

It usually lasts about 2 or 3 weeks so this will be a good time to finish it.

And the bottle, is it recyclable?

Our bottles are glass and are recyclable. Remember that they go in the green container. Minus the stopper that is plastic and goes in the yellow container.

How can I contact with you?

The easiest way is to send us an email to info@unionsalsera.com

3. Orders
How long do the sauces take to arrive from when I make an order?

Usually, orders usually arrive in 24-48 hours, although there are destinations that require some more days.

How can I cancel or modify an order?

Send us an email to info@unionsalsera.com And if the order has not been shipped, we will cancel it and refund the charge. In section Terms and Conditions you can get more information.

I live outside Spain, can I order the sauces?

Yes, we can ship worldwide, just select international shipping at checkout. Unfortunately in this case, we have no control over the shipping cost from our warehouse in Spain but we will always try to find the cheapest cost.

In which establishments can I buy your sauces?

Check it out here.

Is my credit card secured?

Yes! Our payment process is managed by Stripe. We do not see or store any of your credit card information.

What are the terms and conditions of the service?

You can see them here.

What is the privacy policy?

You can check it out here

4. Professionals
I would like to distribute our sauces, I have a restaurant or store and I want to try, etc. Who can i contact?

Send an email info@unionsalsera.com and we will contact you